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VN438 - CVC - Continuous  Ventilation Control
CVC - Continuous Ventilation Control Features • Reduces remodeling costs, helps meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements • Perfect for homes, apartments, dorms, hotels and elderly housing • Economical and easy to install in your existing wall box • Works...
    VN439 - FT247 Programmable Fan Timer
    FT247 Programmable Fan Timer Description White. 24 hour - 7 day programmable wall box time switch provides 7 ON and 7 OFF events. LCD display, slim design, with rechargeable battery back-up. Push button activation. Note: Do not use with fluorescent lamp ballast...
      VN439-1 - Lipidex Smart Exhaust Toggle Switch
      Lipidex Smart Exhaust Toggle Switch Make standard bath fans ashRE 62.2 compliant Microprocessor technology provides precise ventilation times. Manual fan operation is subtracted from set ventilation time. Fan runs every hour for set ventilation, less any manual and delay operation...
        VN439-2 - Woods Digital Once A Day On/Off Fan Timer
        Woods Digital Once A Day On/Off Fan Timer Settings repeat weekly Fits regular single gang switch box Works with lamps, fans and other appliances Easy to install Lowers energy cost