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How to Apply for Weatherization Grants to Reduce Your Home Energy Bills

One of the best ways of reducing the high cost of your energy bills for heating and cooling is to weatherize your home or apartment. This involves adding insulation, sealing cracks, upgrading windows, and taking other steps to minimize energy loss. The US government’s Weatherization Assistance Program is available to conduct home energy audits, and to weatherize your home. Weatherization typically costs $2,500 and the government will help pay for these upgrades. As a result, energy bills are cut, on average, by one-third, and can mean savings of hundreds of dollars a year. Most assistance is provided to low-income families, but there are funds available for higher-earning families as well.

Here’s how to find out if your home is eligible for weatherization funding.

1. Identify Your State Program:

Contact your state or local agency handling weatherization assistance. Be sure and check the resources section. Here you will find the weatherization program outline and be able to determine whether or not you’re likely eligible for assistance.

2. Submit An Application

Applications are pretty simple, and generally take only about 20 minutes to fill out. You’ll have to include proof of income with your submission. For most states, submissions are handled in person, at a local office.

3. Be Patient

If you are eligible, your weatherization agency puts you on a waiting list in the order you’re that your eligibility is established. Depending on the season, the amount of funding available, & the demand for energy audits. This process can be time consuming.

4. Schedule An Energy Audit

Once you are contacted, schedule a professional energy consultant for an energy audit and an analysis of your energy bills.

5. Weatherize

The energy audit will identify the best steps to take to minimize energy loss in your home. The recommendations can range from simple sealing of cracks or additional insulation, to upgrading of windows, furnaces and other home equipment. Follow up by scheduling the actual weatherization work with qualified contractors. Your state program contact and energy audit personnel can assist you in identifying contractors who work with the weatherization grants program.

6. Begin Saving Money!

Enjoy a more comfortable home with significantly lower energy bills!