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Cool Machine CM3000

Cool Machine CM3000
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Cool Machine CM300 All-Fiber, Wall Spray, Attic Blow Machine

Get the most of production and versatility with our CM all-fiber (airlock) machine featuring an oversized 12” diameter by 20”long airlock. This machine is the highest production, most versatile portable electric machine available. High capacity output, combined with the dual-hopper independent control system, offers the Industry’s fastest portable attic blowing machine, while providing the ultimate control of recycle and dryfiber, for wall spray applications.


MaterialProduction Rate/hr
Cellulose   3600 lbs
Fiberglass  1800 lbs
Rockwool    2400 lbs







  • Large 23 cu./ft. hopper capacity fiber storage.
  • Dual, stainless slide-gate control provides separate control of recycle and dry fiber.
  • Modular design with access panels for quick troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Slow speed positive feed auger extends component life, while increasing safety.
  • Large 20" X 12" quick release airlock is a durable, easily serviced component.
  • High speed stainless shredder maximizes fiber conditioning and production.
  • High torque (2650 in./lb.) motor/reducer drive provides surplus power
  • #50 chain and hardened sprockets, are rugged, corrosion resistant, and positive driving.
  • Four integrally mounted 3-stage blowers w/check valve protection, outside air and reduced filter maintenance.
  • 150 ft. remote cord w/cord hanger, offers convenient handling of remote device.



Weight950 lbs.
Airlock20” long x 12” diameter3” output for blowing hose
Power RequirementsDouble input, 20/30 amps. 120volt. (two 3-stage blowers)Single input, 40 amps. 240 volt.(four 3-stage or pos/press.blower)
Dimensions66” L x 22” W x 51” H
Blower Options Two or four, 3-stage (120 volt) 5 hp. Positive displacementBlower. (250 CFM @ 5psi)
Hopper Capacity

Main Hopper: 23 cu./ft.(4 bags)

w/Hopper Extension:46cu/ft. (8 bags)

Generator Size10,000 watt