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5g Silver Dollar® Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating

5g Silver Dollar® Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating
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  • Bright silver finish
  • Helps reduce cooling costs
  • Protects roof surfaces
  • Cost effective performance

Gardner® Silver Dollar® 5g Aluminum Roof Coating is an asbestos free, reflective and protective, fibered coating with aluminum flakes suspended in a tough and flexible vehicle of selected asphalt and solvent. Upon application, the aluminum flakes leaf to the surface to form a reflective metal shield that insulates against the sun's destructive rays, helping to reduce interior temperatures to provide a savings on energy costs. This product is not recommended for use on wood, asphalt shingles or roofs with slopes less than 1% (or 1/8" per ft.). Standing water dulls aluminum, and may cause adhesion failure between the coating and substrate. In warmer weather, application to steep slopes may result in some running of the coating until fully dry. Avoid foot traffic
for longest life.