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TENMAT Recessed Light Cover

TENMAT Recessed Light Cover
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The TENMAT Recessed Light Cover has been specifically designed to significantly reduce thermal loss through the light fixture and to limit airflow from the outside.

TENMAT covers are made out of a flexible, fire resistant mineral wool material that exhibits excellent thermal insulating properties, while allowing for enough space around the recessed light fixture.

The recessed light cap simply sits on top of the light and can be used with most light manufacturer's models in new construction as well as remodel projects in attic spaces, as well as in-between floor spaces.

Besides the cover's excellent energy saving properties, it also exhibits outstanding acoustic insulating properties, which reduces the noise transmission to and from the living area.

The durable dome-shaped design ensures that the insulation is kept away from the light, preventing combustible materials, such as blown-in cellulose, to come in contact with the hot light.

The flexible and lightweight covers are easy to install and do not require additional tools, screws or sealants.

• Energy Saving.
• Reduces draft problems.
• Limits heat loss through the fixture.
• Reduces airflow from the outside.
• Easy to fit without special tools.
• Lightweight (approx. 2 lbs.).
• Enhances the acoustic protection of the ceiling.
• Prevents insects and other small animals from enteringthrough the light.
• Flexible to fit 16” on center joists.
• Maintenance free.