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TR 130 Energy Recovery Ventilator - 50 to 140 CFM

TR 130 Energy Recovery Ventilator -  50 to 140 CFM
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Painted Case, Low Voltage, Line Cord

Standard Specifications and Features

  • Commercial quality, ducted equipment sized to meet
    required ventilation rates for homes and small commercial
  • Static-plate technology makes total energy savings practical
    for small-capacity systems
  • May be mounted in any orientation
  • Quiet, powerful blowers eliminate the need for air balancing
    in most applications
  • Positive airstream separation that is critical for smoking
    environments and bathroom exhaust
  • Easiest maintenance of any ERV
  • Performance certified by HVI
  • MERV-8 filters
  • Less than 1 watt stand-by power consumption
  • Transformer/relay package allowing simple on/off control
  • Plastic double collars for 6 or 8" direct duct connection
    (TR300 is 8" only)
  • TR90, TR130, TR300 have painted case, low voltage
    controls, 3’ Power cord
  • TR90G has galvanized case, line voltage and no line cord
  • Integral mounting flange and hanging bracket system
  • Fully insulated case
  • Large cores for high efficiency
  • No condensate pan or drain required
  • 10-year industry best core warranty
  • 5-year warranty on balance of unit